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Eileen Pfefferle


I work individually with high achievers, recovering perfectionists, deep-feeling, analytical, hard working teens and young(ish) adults who long to feel understood and to belong.


I work from the perspective that therapy is collaborative: we’re a team. 
You can expect me to be warm, transparent, kinda nerdy, playful, and direct. 

My training as a body-based psychotherapist and clinical social worker means I’m passionate about working with the whole of you. I see your strengths and challenges from a systems lens: this means I view health as a dynamic interaction between mind, body, social, and contextual factors (when and where we live) over the course of a lifetime. We’ll consider what’s important to you in your individual experience of factors like gender, cohort/generation, race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status, and education.


Together we’ll practice curiosity and compassion to explore how you have adapted to stress or adversity — and how you can grow into the person you want to be.

Talking about experience isn’t enough to change. Together we’ll discover the safe-but-not-too-safe edges where you can grow into the person you want to be. Because my approach is experiential, you’ll know how to take action outside of session to integrate our work. 

My experience working with children and families means I get what it’s like to experience stress at different stages of life. I get what it’s like to navigate independence and connection in complex communities and across differences. And I’m curious what it’s been like for you. 

I have worked with children, adults, and families to expand skills for self-regulation and communication since 2010. As a therapist, I have worked in metro Denver since 2013 as part of multidisciplinary teams in residential treatment and community mental health, including in-home and school-based therapy services. I've worked with families and individuals impacted by the shared stress of intergenerational trauma, navigating foster care and adoption, adjusting to immigration across generations, and affirming and advocating for people with LGBTQ+ identities.

I hold a Master's in Social Work from Metropolitan State University of Denver, I'm a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist and EMDR Certified, I have specialized training in Ego State Therapy, Synergetic Play Therapy, Trauma Systems Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Suicide Risk Assessment and Management, and Trauma-Informed Yoga for youth and adults; I am licensed by the State of Colorado to provide in-person and online therapy services. You can read more of the details of my specific qualifications here.

In my personal life, I find joy and wonder in my garden, watching bugs, hiking, riding my bike, meditating, hanging out with my dog, and reading—I especially dig science fiction. 

I can help you find resilience, connection, and joy.

Eileen Pfefferle, therapist

After all, a person is herself, and others. Relationships chisel the final shape of one's being. I am me, and you.


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