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You like feeling in control and put together, but lately you’ve been feeling like a mess: below the surface you’re dealing (or not dealing) with some uncomfortable mix of tired, robotic, frustrated, and overwhelmed. You wish you could analyze less and trust yourself more. You're struggling to meet the challenges of your daily life. Somatic therapy and EMDR helps you to engage below the surface and listen to yourself in a new way.


You wonder if this constant stress is normal or if you just have to work harder to figure out how to manage it all. You think about all the things you should be able to do on your own if you were only more disciplined, less tired, more focused, less idealistic. You know you’re pretty hard on yourself, you’re your own worst critic, etc. You’re skeptical that it’s possible to be kind to yourself and also get stuff done. You think maybe you should learn more about psychology or mindfulness, eat the right food, wake up earlier, practice more yoga, go outside more, or meditate for longer. At the same time part of you is fed up with all the advise about what you should do. You want to yell at yourself to grow up already. Individual therapy can support you to develop into the adult you want to be.


Many parents who consider therapy for their tween or teen wonder, is this normal moody teenage behavior or is something else going on? The teenage years are tumultuous and transformative. My approach to therapy with teens focuses on connection: I guide teens to connect to their authentic self so they can strengthen authentic connection with their loved ones. Parents can benefit from family therapy in certain circumstances as well; with increased awareness, relationship patterns can be transformed and your child's growth can be expanded.


The world needs dedicated social workers and mental health professionals more than ever, and burnout is an all-too-common issue for all who work in the field. I believe good supervision helps you to develop as a professional and supports you as a person. I’m passionate about supporting early career social workers to navigate the system without sacrificing their energy—so you can be in this field sustainably for the long haul.


The relationship with your therapist is part of what will help you reach your goals, so it's worth it for you and I to connect to explore if working together is a good fit. I offer a free 20-30 minute phone consultation. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for my approach. If your needs are within my scope of practice and you are willing, our next step is to schedule an intake session.

+ 75 minute initial evaluation session: $235

+ 50 minute ongoing psychotherapy session: $165

+ 75 minute ongoing psychotherapy session: $235

Please check out the FAQ for more information on rates.

I recommend we meet either weekly, or at a minimum, every other week so that we can build and maintain a trusting relationship that supports focus on your progress and helps you orient towards the direction you want to go.


Check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" section to learn more about my practice. If it resonates and you're curious, please schedule a consultation. I look forward to learning more about you.

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