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Individual Therapy for Teens

Many parents who consider therapy for their teen wonder, is this normal moody teenage behavior—or is something else going on I should be worried about?


The teenage years are transformative.

The teenage years can be tumultuous and transformative. My approach to therapy with teens is informed by the science of teenage development and a therapeutic approach that integrates EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, play therapy, and family systems therapy. This approach to individual therapy is informed by a systems lens that supports integration between your teen's brain, body, and relationships. The core focus is connection: I guide teens to connect to their authentic self so they can strengthen authentic connection with their loved ones. Individual therapy can support your teen to:


  • Recognize and develop their strengths 

  • Identify their values and priorities

  • Create and maintain strong relationships 

  • Build resilience to respond to life's ups and downs

I work with adolescents who want to:

  • Develop skills for authentic heartfelt communication

  • Express who you really are
 and what you really want

  • Expand self awareness and skills to stay in touch with emotion

  • Build confidence and self love

  • Recognize anxiety or depression and get unstuck, beyond just coping 

  • Feel normal(ish) again after going through a traumatic experience 

  • Handle conflict and feel heard in relationships (parents, siblings, friends)

  • Manage the stress of it all: school, after school activities, friends, parents, the future

Sometimes it makes sense for a family therapist to support family relationship work outside of individual therapy for your child. We’ll make this assessment in our work together and if needed I’ll support you to connect with trusted referrals. 

We have to protect our mind and our body, rather than just go out there and do what the world wants us to do.


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